Plants Toxic (And Safe) to Pet Ducks and Geese

*Please be informed that these lists (or any lists) are NOT to be considered comprehensive, meaning not every toxic plant is listed, because it is unreasonable to expect that every single plant toxic to waterfowl has been recorded by humans. Also, the lists of edible plants may be missing many plants ducks and geese CAN eat.*

I've collected a list of links that include plants toxic to our pet ducks and geese (and other poultry. One of the biggest risks with poisonous plants is when raising goslings, though any others may be affected.

There is no evidence that butterfly bush is toxic to animals (ASPCA reference click here), though the ASPCA suggests any nontoxic plant may still cause tummy upset.

Foxglove is so toxic for them that they can die from drinking water run-off from potted plants. A few others are Lily of the Valley, Coffee Beans, Chocolates, Avocado, Eggplant leaves and stems, Elephant's Ears, Milkweed, Oak (all parts), Potatoes (stems, plants, green vegetables), Tomato (stems, leaves, sprouts), Onions, Mushrooms, Apple Seeds, Dried Beans, Salt, Caffeine, Alcohol, Gooseberry bushes and berries...

Poultry Help - Toxic Plants
British Waterfowl Society - Plants for Ponds and Pens
About the Poisonous Castor Bean Plant
The Poultry Club of Great Britain - Poisonous Plants and Toxins
Bird Safety - Poisonous and Safe Plants for Birds
The University of Kentucky - Plants Poisonous to Pasture (Free-Range) Poultry
Poultry Community List
Storey's Guide to Raising Ducks (Poisons Page)
Parrot and Conure World List of Toxic Plants (long list)

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