Further Remodel of Duck Area


Since two years ago the entire duck management system here has changed. For one thing we went from a dirt floor in the pen to 1" river rock covered by 36" X 36" rubber anti-fatigue mats, which was excellent for the waterfowls' sensitive feet, but because of the slope of our property, it didn't drain well and wasn't feasible for the yard we're working with. <----This option did not work for us. The best pen is one that is large enough to accommodate the number of ducks you have. It's the only way to do it right. A well-know waterfowl rescue on the east coast had a biologist come in and facilitate adequate drainage through a system of canals throughout their property. Our property isn't nearly large enough for this kind of system.

The former duck pen is being covered in substrate (wood chips and dirt) and new grass is being planted little by little. Half of the yard has also been sectioned off and grass seed spread, because waterfowl are hard on grass. We realize this will be a constant chore.

Overnight the ducks and geese are separated into three indoor stalls, one for the muscovies, one for the geese, and one for the rest of the duck flock. The floor is concrete, but covered in thick plastic (large sheeting) and fresh pine shavings are put in frequently. We rake the older bedding forward to move it out and start with new bedding toward the back of the building. I'm guessing the building is about 20' X 12' and the size of a typical one car garage.

Mary and Chai taking a nap in the shade.
During the day the waterfowl have run of the yard and we're planting and landscaping with species of plants that will not be harmful to them. So far we only have a lilac bush and a lavender plant. We're placing brick beneath the plum tree, an extension of the brick patio that begins near the house, so there will be less mud in the pool area.

That's all the news for now. I will follow up with a photograph when it gets somewhere. ;)
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