Photos of the Dearly Departed Mista Clyde

Noi flirts with Mista Clyde; he was never lacking in attention from the beauties.

Clyde and Mary. I hadn't particularly noticed this until looking back over photos and seeing how Mary responded at Clyde's viewing (after his death), but I think Mary was his number one girl. She ran up to his body, quacking.

Beautiful Clyde and his drake feather.

Look under those healthy, beautiful wings.

Such a sweet, gentle boy he was.

Always saying hello.

Ming and Clyde: Inseparable.

The search is on for bugs in the mint.
Half mallard, half black Indian runner. Beautiful Clyde.
Sometimes trying to be feisty, however gently so.

What's in here?

Reds, blacks, browns, greens...whites, gorgeous!

Hello again my shiny, shiny green boy.

Holding Mista Handsome.

When I first saw these little feet come out of the egg shell when he hatched...I will never forget.

Winter morning.

Winter sunshine.


Happiness is...

...a muddy Clyde.

He and Lucy collaborate... get my hair.

Baby Clyde.

Clyde, Lucy, and Ming over two years ago.

Where did you go? It's a big world out here.


Happy camper, indeed.

Goodbye my sweet and friendly fellow, goodbye.


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