Ooma Goo's at the Queue

Being a shy little goose can be the pits as I found out while watching Ooma, my small buff, waiting for the food box to become available. Not only did Ming, the feistiest Indian runner bully on the planet, but Augie March, the King of Doodles himself, come along and oust Ooma from the line after she'd been waiting for fifteen minutes, but they did it repeatedly.

Ooma approaches the feeder while Augie's eating.

As Ooma's waiting patiently in line for food, Ming streaks by in a mad rush to escape Iliya (because Ming has done some pestering of Illy's lady and Illy's pissed off).

Augie leaves the feeder just as Ming approaches and steps in front of Ooma and starts feeding his silly face.

Ooma indicates she's hungry by nibbling the plastic of the oyster shell tray, but Ming turns to bite her.

Ooma backs off due to Ming's irritation.

Ooma steps closer to get in line again and Ming turns and warns her off.

Then, silly creature that he is, Ming acts like he's busy eating straw--which is just a front--to assert his dominance.

Ooma gets back in line, again. (Mind you, she's been waiting for a good ten minutes now.)
Ooma gets even closer, but averts her body language to not pressure Ming.

Just as it would seem Ming should be finished, Augie comes back.

Poor Ooma is exiled to a corner after Augie takes her place at the feeding queue.

Ming notices Augie's presence as he looks over his shoulder.

Ming goes back to acting like he has some important straw arranging business to attend to. Is he ever going to give up the feeder?
Ming's left, finally, and now Augie's at the feeder. Ooma has crept back into line. It's been fifteen minutes now she's been waiting patiently for these chivalrous blokes.
Now Augie tells Ooma to back off.

Augie leaves.
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