Lukas The Rescue Duck Falls In Love With Sofiya

Lukas has a long story. He was raised by a family, the story goes, who had a lot of small children and dogs. Ducks are social just like people, so he attached himself to the dogs. This didn't work out well, because when mating season came around he tried to mate with the dogs and, reportedly, was bitten. Fortunately, he was rescued and taken to Santa Barbara where he awaited a forever home, preferably somewhere where there weren't any dogs, since his infatuation predisposed him to being bitten.

Lukas has two moms in Spokane, Washington--one he stays with full-time and another who brings treats, hugs and all the love in the world--and he has learned how to be a duck. It took time, though. At first Lukas was standoffish around other ducks, but after staying with a flock over the summer while one of his moms was on vacation, he fell in love with a beautiful Pekin named Sofiya. She showed him how to forage, what to eat in the way of plants and, most of all, that he was a duck.

This video was made in August 2012 when it was first noticed that Lukas had fallen for Sofiya. A lot has changed since then: Lukas has put on a lot of healthy weight; he has gained mega-confidence; and he has a flock of four girls he calls his own. Watch the video and you will see how desperately Lukas clings to Sofiya, watching her every move, afraid to let her out of his sight for one minute. You, too, will see how he adores her.

Soundtrack is "Home Once More" from the album Under the Moon by David Otterstrom.

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