The Quack Squad: Iliya, Emily, Mary, Olga, Noi, Beetle, and Bella: Video

The Quack Squad consists of Iliya, Emily, Mary, Olga, Noi, Beetle, and Bella. This is their lives in video. They were hatched on July 8th, 2009.

Note that when they had this bath they were inside the house, supervised, and dried with a heater that was constantly monitored.

One Week Old Eating Greens

First Trip Outdoors at Two Weeks Old

Two Weeks Old Swimming in a Plastic Sled

Catching Crickets

In the Bathtub

Relaxing in the Yard - Three and a Half Weeks Old

More Three Weeks

Nap Time

Four Weeks - Swimming Torpedoes

Five Weeks

Six Weeks

Six Weeks Coming Out of the Coop - (Before the rubber mats were put down)

Seven Weeks

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