Dot-Dot and Dali: Video

Dot-Dot (Magpie duck) and Dali (Buff Orpington) born on March 4, 2010.

**UPDATE OCTOBER 2010** Little Dali was killed by a predator in a terrible accident on October 21, 2010. I blame myself as I did not make sure she was safe and was careless in this instance. She is the first duck I've lost (other than hatchlings who died within a day) in the past one and a half years I've raised pet ducks. In the days following I've been fortunate enough to hear the stories of friends who have also lost their pet ducks in accidents, which has helped me to not be too hard on myself, which is something I tend to do. Dali was cremated by Family Pet Memorial Service here in Spokane. I loved her so much as I love every single one of my ducks. It is difficult.

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