Henry, the Indian Runner Duck, Story

Meet Henry. Fawn and white Indian runner duck.

Henry joined the flock last year after the muscovy couple, Sao-Ree and Jing-Jai, managed to hide and hatch an egg which resulted in Bernadette. Poor, lonely little Bernie. Henry was meant to be Bernadette's companion, and she loved him. At first Mama Jing-Jai took to Henry and encouraged him to get close to her. But after a few days, luckily during a time when I was sitting only feet away, Jing-Jai attacked Henry, grabbing him by the neck and slapping him around in the crate. I heard his cries and got him out of there. So I was a duck mother, again. 

As you can see in this video, Mama Jing-Jai was happy, as muscovies do when they bite the air. Henry wanted to get closer, but he couldn't get up on Mama's back where Bernadette was. All began well enough...

After separating them, Henry went to visit his foster sister Bernadette and eventually they were inseparable together while playing outside each day.

Henry was in heaven playing with Bernadette.

But I still kept Henry inside with me, though he never fully imprinted--not to the extent of a lone duckling who has no siblings, which is good. 

At one point, when Henry "Wiki-Wiki" Nguyen was about a month old, he contracted some sort of bacterial infection and we almost lost him, spent four hours at the veterinary ER one night, but he pulled through. Unfortunately, Miss Chai succumbed to whatever it was that they'd caught. 

Henry is now in love with Miss Emily, a much older black Indian runner duck, and Bernadette spends time with her parents. Bernadette's mother, Jing-Jai, likes to use Bernie's fluff to build a nest. Poor Bernie.
Henry and Emily are engaged.
Henry has grown up to be a caring, kind and chivalrous fiance to Emily. Like my other fawn and white Indian runner drake, Iliya, Henry has paired up into a solid relationship. He follows Emily everywhere and protects her. If I pick Emily up, Henry makes an unusual, raspy cry in protest--not just a typical drake quack. He really loves her. Don't touch his Emily.

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