Day 10 (Wednesday, June 27th, 2012): Duck Sitting Ghala

When you're duck-sitting and your guest starts dashing off the deck and running in circles around the garden path, you know you've done something right! 

For the first few days outside, Ghala wanted to go back in and headed for a door a couple of times. She doesn't do that anymore. In fact, she's decided beet greens and cabbage leaves make a great snack. After a couple mouthfuls of her duck chow, she wanders over to the cabbage and tears off pieces to complete her breakfast. Adry worries whether Ghala will be bored once she goes home, because there's no garden there. I say NOPE, because Ghala adores her mom and will be fulfilled spending time with her again.

Ghala, the first or second time I saw her get excited.
Little burst of energy, there.
Accelerating around the main stretch...
...just to do it again.
The scovy moves. Too cute for words.
And I think this is warp speed.
Rounding the bend.
And...the finish line!

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