Day 3 (Tuesday, June 19th, 2012): Duck Sitting Ghalita

Ghala's Third Day in Spokane

Well, it would seem that Spokane had morphed into a war zone by early evening as my friend G. and I sat out back near the garden with Ghala and the flock, watching two law enforcement helicopters fly in circles directly above our heads for over an hour. The entire time we didn't go check the news, so we were left to wonder when the following video was shot, though I did add an explanation at the end. (You'll have to watch.)
     I wonder what Ghala thought as she stood on the deck, those big birds chopping air. I will never know, of course, but I can say that my geese, Lucy and Ooma, were a bit concerned, tipping their heads up to look several times. My ducks, though, were too busy eating watermelon and we all know watermelon trumps high-speed chases, even by helicopter.
     Check it out!

Ghala perches nonchalantly on the edge of a tub from the 1960s
 that used to belong to my grandma.
The morning of Ghala's third day I had to go out.
When I returned I peeked in the bathroom door to find
her perched on the edge of the sink.


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