Clyde and CoCo "The Bean Doodle": Hospital Food

Clyde has been sick for a few days and there's a lot of controversy about his diagnosis as x-rays from friends show how large a drake's testes, which are internal and near the kidneys, can be during mating season (which it is), yet the veterinarian is saying he has a large cancer-like mass. Either way, Clyde appears to feel a bit better today. Per the suggestion of my friend M., Clyde and CoCo had crickets for lunch.

Mr. Clyde must be feeling better as he's perusing the hospital library for some literature.

Clyde and CoCo head for the lunch line at the hospital cafeteria.

What's for lunch today? It's a secret menu.

CoCo wastes no time!

Crickets! Our favorite!

Hurry, before that one gets away!

Trust us, we didn't make this mess!

That was good, says Mista Clyde. Really hit the spot.

CoCo investigates Clyde's hospital room. Hmm, what's this? she asks. 

Clyde thanks M. for suggesting that crickets be on the hospital menu. He decided to move into a double room and is now not as grumpy as he was yesterday. He and his roommate CoCo are resting quietly, dabbling in bok choy green soup.

Unfortunately, Clyde hasn't produced a normal poop yet. But he's eating, which is a good sign. 

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