The Truth About Live Easter Ducks

What happens to all of those chicks and ducklings that are purchased from pet stores (shipped from hatcheries) and placed in Easter baskets during the month of April? Ask most people you know and you will find that they don't even know what a chick or a duckling eats or that they need to be kept warm or that they imprint on humans or that they (ducklings) require water with food or they will choke. People think they can purchase a batch of chicks or ducklings, keep them around during the Easter holiday, and then give them to a pet store where they will be sold as "pets". Or people believe they can release them at the local pond where they will be happy and free, living out a life of dabbling, swimming, and frolicking with their pals.

Nothing is further from the truth. First of all, how many people do you know who have ducks (or chicks) as pets? Exactly. People must not think. How else does one explain the fact that so many babies are mauled by children, starved, or otherwise suffer a long, painful death during such a happy! happy! time for consumers? As a result millions of people celebrate the holiday and many people choose to give chicks and ducklings (sometimes dyed bright colors) as gifts. It is reasonable to ask what happens to these babies during or after the holidays. All it takes is a few simple thoughts, some consideration, to understand the consequences of such frenzied ignorance as that invested in giving little beings as gifts without further commitment to their futures.

Easter symbolizes the rebirth of Jesus. Renewal. New life. There's a saying often seen on bumper stickers and t-shirts: WWJD (What would Jesus do?) Really. What would Jesus do? I sincerely hope Jesus wouldn't support the senseless suffering of thousands of innocent baby animals. I really don't think he would approve. After all, senseless killing? How rational, or kind, is it to create (commercially) thousands upon thousands of lives, all hatched from eggs (in incubators) which are subsequently used as symbols of Easter renewal? All of this due to a religious belief. And yet, most religions claim to be thoughtful, kind, righteous, and in the best interest of love. What gives?

What happens to chicks and ducklings after Easter? I, personally, wasn't aware that this was a tradition. I hadn't heard of it before. After all, why would people demand the production of living beings that they will later discard thoughtlessly? You tell me. I think of the individual who visits the pet store, sees the ducklings, and says, "Ahhhhh! Let's get some for Tommy for Easter. They will be so cute!" Innocent enough, right? I don't see it that way. I see it as blatant ignorance, impulse buying, and disregard for life. Yes, they are cute, but will they be given a good life? What will happen to them now that they are at the mercy of this so-called highly intelligent Homo sapien who has bought them because they are "cute" and because it is a holiday?

Based on the research I've done, most Easter ducklings and chicks:

-starve to death, an agonizing process akin to being in hell;
-are mauled, a slow, painful death often involving asphyxiation, broken bones, torn wings, etc;
-if they are lucky enough to grow, are dumped at a pond or somewhere in the wild where they a) starve to death or b) are taken by predators;
-are given to pet stores (where they are often purchased for slaughter);
-are surrendered to animal shelters and then....;
-are sacrificial symbols of religion (whether it is admitted or not).

I just don't think the production and selling (consuming) of Easter chicks and ducklings is justified by the celebration of a holiday. I think a holiday symbolic of renewal is better celebrated with restraint, with a live and let live attitude, and by refraining from impulse purchases and animal sacrifice. I suppose in this day and age people would not readily admit that animal sacrifice is still part of a religious holiday, but what else is it? If we humans claim to be so intelligent, then we must know the results of our choices, correct? Or do humans simply choose not to admit the obvious? Either way, suffering takes place and it's needless. It's not thoughtful nor symbolic of love or representative of intelligence. Some may say intelligence is apparent in our ability to celebrate and worship. I say no it is not. Intelligence is having the courage to research and understand consequences and the bravery to admit when we should refrain from causing suffering to others--all others.

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