Ode To A Christmas Goose

You are the Gung! Gung! Gung!
The Mother Goose of fairy tales,
The Christmas songs we've sung--
A bird who withstands snowy gales
In lands cold north and far far flung.
You are better with your feathers on,
More beautiful plumed and breathing--
Sassy Christmas Goose of mine
You will still wake the Christmas dawn!

You are the splendid Buoyant Goo
Floating in your winter bath--
O how I think the best of you
As we go hand and wing down this path,
The December morning white and blue,
I your Homo sapien, you my Anser anser.
You will outlive any pet cat or dog,
See the tinsel go up and then come down,
Year after year, Honk! Honk! Honk! you will answer.

(Copyright 2009 by Shanti Perez)
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